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Web Application Security

Your One-Stop Destination For All Your Web Application Security Needs!

We are a team of dedicated and professional application security consultants who help businesses to find & fix security flaws in the existing applications. We are experts in finding flaws in web applications and coming up with appropriate solutions.

Hence, we can play a crucial role in securing your business by performing Penetration testing on-site, Web application scanning, Web application firewall, SSL/TLS, and Intrusion detection system.

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A security assessment will bring you a bundle of vulnerabilities found in your web application. Security flaws are those flaws that can make an attacker attack your web application easily and then gain unauthorized access to it. Naturally, you wouldn't want your system to be hacked. This will put your business and safety at risk. But with us on board, you don't have a reason to worry.

Yes, our experts will ensure your web application remains protected from hackers. We will ensure any lapses in your web application security are brought to the forefront timely. This will allow you to take appropriate measures before the situation gets out of hand.

We offer one of the most comprehensive discovery services providing critical insights into application security risks and detailed audits that you can use to reduce the attack surface and prevent data breaches. So don't lose sleep worrying about your web application security. Give us a call and let us take care of it for good!

Mobile Application Security

Secure Your Digital Footprints Now!

ANDIVA Consulting is a trusted application security company that helps mobile app developers build their apps more secure and compliant with the latest security standards.

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We have a team of professionals working around the clock to make your app one of the most secure and trustworthy applications. Our goal is to let you focus on what you do best – develop more and more innovative apps which are user-friendly. And we will take care of the rest!

We are capable of performing sophisticated mobile application testing to find out vulnerabilities and provide the required solution to secure them.

We understand how popular mobile apps have become. And with a surge in their demand, the threat of hacking has increased too. We can be your most trusted ally in this battle. We are pretty thorough in our approach. Hence, you can be assured no bug will go unnoticed. We will identify the vulnerabilities on time, giving you enough time to take appropriate measures. Once you bring us on board, you don't have to worry about your mobile application security being at stake. We will take care of it all!